Memoirs Of A Global Citizen

Cynthia is a social entrepreneur.

Over the years she’s managed government, corporate, and personal brands, enhancing their media/digital imprint and ensuring they were aesthetically compelling and visually consistent.

Cynthia has also volunteered in numerous communities-including homeless populations, the mentally ill, and as a court-appointed child advocate. Now she has taken her passion for helping others and directed it into documentary film making as a producer and on-camera talent. Her academic background includes pre-law, mass communications, and graduate-level training in conflict resolution, psychology and strategic public relations. She is a credentialed mediator, and an Associate Member of the American Bar Association, Alternative Dispute Resolution Section.

Cynthia has lived and worked in Australia, Japan and Pakistan, and has traveled extensively through Europe, Middle East and South Asia.



5 thoughts on “Memoirs Of A Global Citizen

  1. Great initiative Cynthia,

    Having an good all round informative understanding of world issues is something which is difficult due to lack of quality, fair balanced information distribution.

    Good luck 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am amazed to know, that you are reflecting real beauty of Pakistan.

    I must say you are a very positive yet hardworking person, you get challanges and complete them like a mission. If i would have get the chance to meet you, there are so many good things, i would love to learn from you.

    Love from Interior Sind Pakistan.


  3. Ma’am I have become one of your biggest fan,i really really appreciate your efforts and your love towards our people.
    I saw your video which was uploaded on Facebook and I was truly amazed.
    Keep up the good work,take good care of yourself and GOOD LUCK!👍

    Lots of love from Lahore,Pakistan. 😊


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