That Little Girl

“LOVE, Joy, Peace, Long suffering, Kindness, Goodness, Faith, Mildness, Self Control. Against such things there is no law.”

Parents Meet Adoptive Sons From Congo

This scene reminds me of a little girl of perhaps five or six years of age I met several years ago in a refugee camp in Pakistan. Though we didn’t speak the same language, we held hands and she followed me everywhere. We became attached instantly, in a way I can’t fully explain…We constantly smiled into each other’s eyes like long lost friends. She did not leave my side the entire day. This precocious little girl skipped along, smiling, with her hair tousled, feet dusty from running around… at one point guiding me to a makeshift play ground, and then to a tattered tent she shared with other orphans… holding to the hem of my shalwar kameez when we weren’t able to hold hands. For that one day, I had a little girl of my own.

The language of love and compassion knows no boundaries.

I frequently think of her, that little girl with the remarkable brown eyes and intelligence beyond her years… and I wonder how my life would’ve been if I had adopted her.




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