A Multi-Flag DP

Part of the reason for this blog is because of the ‘selective humanity’ I see on other sites I ultimately don’t have complete control over. It’s truly sad when FB does not allow one to grieve in their own way for any country around the world suffering from the menace of terrorism or the like.

For our brothers and sisters in ‪#‎Afghanistan‬, ‪#‎Egypt‬, ‪#‎France‬, ‪#‎Indonesia‬,‪#‎Iraq‬, ‪#‎Lebanon‬, ‪#‎Myanmar‬, ‪#‎Nigeria‬, ‪#‎Pakistan‬, ‪#‎Palestine‬, ‪#‎Syria‬,‪#‎Yemen‬. Prayers are simply not enough. Global citizens must take action to help promote ‪#‎peace‬ and ‪#‎tolerance‬ within our global society, beginning with welcoming refugees into our homes where practically possible; and extensive training and education for ALL parties to understand the cultures and faiths of the affected peoples. We must hold our governments accountable for ensuring the status of the refugees’ homeland returns to its peaceful origins as soon as possible, so the refugees may have the option to return to their countries and live in a peaceful manner befitting their cultures and belief systems, with ‪#‎dignity‬ and ‪#‎honour‬.

Original statement on FB prior to having my own ‘multi-flag’ DP created:

 I try not to use this account for political statements, as I prefer to share interesting images and optimistic media from places the West ignores. However, I feel compelled to say this: While I am extraordinarily saddened by the events in these recent ‪#‎Paris‬ attacks, perhaps I am even more upset by the lack of support I see (and perhaps I am wrong, perhaps I have simply overlooked it- I would love to be wrong in this case) for the peoples who have suffered in ‪#‎Afghanistan‬, ‪#‎Iraq‬ and ‪#‎Syria‬… the victims of a ‘war’ in their own homelands. Beyond the deeper, politically motivated heinous actions of larger States, on a more superficial level, where most of us can voice our opinion and perhaps have a little impact, it would have been nice to have the option to show our social media support for these people, as I have been able to do for Paris on my other ‪#‎FB‬ account.

Mark Zuckerberg, where was the DP change option for the Army Public School Massacre in ‪#‎Pakistan‬? Or ‪#‎Palestine‬? Or ‪#‎Beirut‬? Or the anti ISIS DP change for Syria? Or Iraq?

Mr. Obama why was the White House not illuminated in support in these instances? For the children who were slaughtered in Peshawar? In fact, let’s illuminate the White House in red to remind us of the many innocents who die on a daily basis now… and keep it red until the USA takes corrective measures to ensure these countries are returned to the people they belong to, and USA helps rebuild any critical infrastructure that was destroyed, and the menace, including the root cause, of ISIS/ISIL -whatever the hell you want to call these animals- are eliminated.

multiflag DP


One thought on “A Multi-Flag DP

  1. It’s a sad reality for us, Just saw the pictures of Syria what France did afterwards.They are hypocrates and liers.
    I admire you being so neutral who knows the reality.Keep up the good work.Stay blessed


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